Our dentists may recommend periodontal surgery if you suffer from a more advanced stage of gum disease. Gum surgery helps remove disease-causing bacteria and reduce the size of your periodontal pockets to begin the healing process. We are committed to helping you manage your gum disease and improve your oral health. To find out more about periodontal surgery in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Glen Maylath, Dr. Lauren Mies, and Dr. Scott Meldrum, contact Total Dental Fitness today at (248) 642-5020.

There are several types of periodontal surgery that our dentists may recommend depending on your individual needs. Two of the most common procedures we may recommend are flap surgery and gum grafting.

Flap surgery, also known as gingivectomy or pocket reduction, involves lifting back the gums to remove tartar and harmful bacteria. This treatment reduces the size of the pockets where disease-causing bacteria congregate and makes it easier for both you and our dentists to clean your teeth and gums. After the procedure, we will suture your gums back in place.

Gum grafting, or soft tissue grafting, involves placing new gum tissue in the areas where your gums have receded. Gums may recede due to periodontal disease, overaggressive brushing or other factors.

We are committed to both your oral health and comfort, and our dentists and team will take special care to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. We will also provide instructions after your procedure to help you recover and get your smile back on track.

For more information about periodontal surgery and to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists, give us a call today!