Dr. Glen Maylath, Dr. Lauren Mies, and Dr. Scott Meldrum may recommend a dental inlay if your tooth has sustained damage. An inlay is a more conservative treatment designed to fully restore your tooth, and it is made from gold or porcelain to provide a more discreet final result. Call Total Dental Fitness today at (248) 642-5020 to learn more about dental inlays in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and schedule your consultation with our experienced dentists.

An inlay is a type of dental restoration used to repair damage caused by injury or decay. It is typically recommended when the damage to a tooth is not extensive enough for a crown but cannot be fully restored with only a filling. An inlay is usually used when the damage to your tooth does not reach the cusps, or pointed tips, of the tooth surface. An inlay is a conservative option, working to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

Your dental inlay will be custom made using porcelain or gold material to ensure that it fits your tooth perfectly and will fully restore the health, function and appearance of the tooth. Once placed, your inlay will be virtually unnoticeable in your mouth.

For more information about gold or porcelain dental inlays and to set up an appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today!