When a patient needs a dental crown, Dr. Maylath and Dr. Blatt will use CEREC® in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. CEREC technology allows us to provide crowns in a day. CEREC technology can also be used to provide inlays, onlays, and veneers in just one visit. CEREC will eliminate the two-week wait for dental crowns and veneers.

When placing a dental crown, or veneer, our dentists will scan your teeth to get a 3D image of your smile. This method is preferable to traditional impressions, which take longer and are messy. Then our dentists will use the scan and CEREC software to design your dental crown or veneer. The software will calculate restoration proposals, therefore saving time. CEREC software produces outstanding designs that will fit perfectly in your smile. At this point, our dentists will create the dental crown or veneer. This takes only a few minutes. Your dental work will be durable, safe, and aesthetic. When your dental work is complete, our dentists will place it in your mouth to check the size and fit. Reworking is rarely necessary. Then our dentists will permanently cement your dental crown or veneer in place.

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