Facts About Dental Health While Breastfeeding

If you’re breastfeeding your child, there are some dental health facts you should know. The more you know about your child’s smile, the better off you’ll be. So, our dentist, Dr. , will be happy to share some dental health facts with you, which are: -Breastfeeding can help your child build a better bite. Studies… Read more »

Caring For Your New Dentures

You and your dentist decided together that dentures were a great choice for your smile. Congratulations! Whether you have partial dentures or full dentures, however, you will need to adjust to your new oral hygiene routine. Here are some things to remember as you care for your new dentures. First off, don’t let your dentures… Read more »

Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

If you’ve recently completed a teeth-whitening treatment, congratulations! We hope that you love the new look of your smile, and we hope the procedure lasts for a long time. Here are a few suggestions about how you can retain the fresh appearance of your newly whitened pearly whites. – Brush two times daily with whitening… Read more »

A Few Simple Factors Can Help You Easily Recover from Gingival Flap Surgery

Gingival flap surgery is sometimes called for to help treat periodontal tissues that have been significantly affected by chronic gum disease. As it continues to progress your gumline can start to recede from the base of your teeth while pockets of infection start to develop near the roots of your teeth. In cases this severe,… Read more »

How to Tell if Your Child is Pretend Brushing

Sometimes kids get tricky when it comes to their oral hygiene routine. They often times dislike brushing so they pretend to clean their teeth to get out of the actual routine. That’s right—kids actually pretend to brush. Some kids run their toothbrush under water, others rub the bristles against objects to make it sound like… Read more »

Flossing Fundamentals

You might be very good about brushing every morning and night, using a mouthwash or dental rinse, and eating a diet that promotes a healthy smile. But what about flossing? Are you remembering to do that at least once a day? It’s not hard to clean the parts of your teeth that are easy to… Read more »

Help Your Smile Shine This Summer With Dental Veneers

Do you wish you could hide flaws in your teeth? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people dislike their smile and constantly look for a way to improve it. Thankfully, dental veneers have swept the nation in success, leaving a trail of beautiful smiles in its wake. Here at , our dentists and… Read more »

Clean Your Smile With Water Flossers

Did you know you can clean your smile with water flossers? Well, it’s true! Having water flossers can make a huge difference in your life if you are not a fan of traditional floss. To help you learn more about your water flosser, our team here at in , , is happy to give you… Read more »

Are You Prepared for an Upcoming Tooth Extraction?

Are you prepared for an upcoming tooth extraction? Before and after a tooth extraction, always set up an effective plan to prepare your body and home for any circumstances that can arise. Additionally, make sure to stop any bad habits, such as smoking before and after the surgery, to ensure the highest chance of success… Read more »

Brushing Up on Good Habits

It’s good to make a habit out of brushing daily. This will help keep your teeth from decay and help promote your oral health. The problem when it comes to making something a habit is that we often do it with little to no thought. This can lead to proper brushing techniques being forgotten over… Read more »